"Ability may get you to the top,

but it takes character to

keep you there."

John Wooden

Client Management and Representation


Our team are experienced in identifying and placing talent and understands the ever changing demands and pressures and obligations placed on clubs, players and coaches. We have a proud history of providing talented sports professionals with ethical advice and guidance in order to help them fulfil their potential.


Whether it be day-to-day management, specific physical and psychological mentoring programmes or out-sourcing specialist areas of expertise to trusted partners, we are committed to providing a complete support network ensuring accountability and prioritising our clients' long term career interests.


Services include: Career planning, individual development strategy, contract negotiation, re-location and concierge support, financial and tax planning, media training, mentoring programmes, physical conditioning, sports psychology, nutrition guidance and support, commercial and apparel endorsements, post-career planning and guidance.


Commercial and Brand Development


We enjoy strong long-standing relationships with a number of diverse commercial partners in relation to marketing, sponsorship and endorsement projects in football as well as providing player and staff recruitment solutions to clubs and associations throughout the world.


As a member of our family, you gain the benefits of an entire team of business experts who have your professional, as well as your personal, needs in mind. Our team implements a strategic plan developed specifically for you.


You are the CEO of your enterprise, and our job is to build your brand and maximize your revenue. Our team works as your executive team, providing guidance in all areas of the pro lifestyle. Bottom line, we protect your interests. Let us focus on you.


• Available To You 24/7

• Family Environment

• Personal Attention

• Thorough Preparation

• Attention to Detail

• Industry Expertise

• Proven Results


Providing complete and comprehensive representation is what we do. Our extensive network enables us to explore and develop new and innovative strategies. Each athlete is unique, with individual needs, and there is no universal plan. That’s why a flexible program can help you excel throughout your career. Rely on us.


• Personal Attention

• Marketing & Endorsements

• Personal Technology Outfitting

• Contract Negotiation

• Financial Coordination

• Community Relations

• Legal Services

• Post-Career Planning




Shehneela Ahmed - Football Agent registered with the FA

James- Football Scout


Shehneela J Ahmed (LLB Hons)

Registered Lawyer Football Agent

(RLA1716) with The English FA

C/O Platinum

11-12 Hallmark Trading Centre
Fourth Way
Middlesex HA9 0LB




We will deliver.