"We never let a client walk through any door until he knows what’s behind it.


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Public Relations

"We never let a client walk through any door until he knows what’s behind it.”


Platinum highly qualified professionals are committed to providing the complete and comprehensive representation that our clients desire. We offer first-rate amenities and services while continuing to provide unparalleled personalized service to our clients.  Platinum provides its clients with the following services:


• Personal Attention

• Marketing & Endorsements

• Personal Technology Outfitting

• Contract Negotiation

• Financial Coordination

• Community Relations

• Legal Services

• Post-Career Planning


Platinum has an extensive network in the sports industry and as a result can broker competitive financially rewarding teamwork opportunities by Club in conjunction with some of the World's leading sports brands across football and rugby.


 • Club Audits - Asset valuation/review of current portfolio

• Market Analysis - Competitor review

• Brand Marketing Plans - Impactful and measurable

• Sponsorship Sourcing - Strategic sponsorship selection

• Legal representation - Sponsorship and contract negotiations

• PR - Strategy development and implementation

• Crisis Management - See separate section

• Grass Roots programmes - Event creation, implementation and management

• Business to business opportunities - Targeted and delivered

• TV and New Media contracts - Identification of opportunities and negotiation of contracts


As a Platinum Sports client, you are your own CEO.  PFAs team of professionals work as your personal executive team.  We provide guidance in all areas of the pro lifestyle and protect your best interest in every endeavour.


Public Relations are an important part of any type of communication campaign. We have a strong media person on our team who has vast experience as Public Relations Manager and work with you to produce press releases, and develop a press strategy and communications plan to suit any activity. This includes identifying and targeting the right people and training key players where appropriate in marketing, media, networking and team building.


• Promotion

• Press Campaign

• Launch

• Campaign management

• Merchandise

• Creative event management


For individuals we offer a comprehensive life management programme, offering Guidance on financial matters, risk

management, career plans, legal services and further education.

With our expert advice and support, athletes will be able to focus on their sport of choice, safe in the knowledge that

Platinum will undertake to manage all off field activities and maximise financial returns.



Shehneela J Ahmed (LLB Hons)

Registered Lawyer Football Agent

(RLA1716) with The English FA

C/O Platinum

11-12 Hallmark Trading Centre
Fourth Way
Middlesex HA9 0LB




We will deliver.